Rocky Mtn Homelessness screening in WNY

Thanks to everyone who showed up to view the documentary.  I know it was a long evening and I really appreciate everyone’s support for my film and for the cause.  Donations, as you know, are going to the Friends of the Night People.

Someone asked about the DVD, so if anyone’s interested in ordering a copy, you may go to and order it from there. If you don’t like ordering from a web site, you may contact me there also and we can arrange to meet or for you to just mail a money order in.

Also if anyone has a school or nonprofit that would like to offer this discussion, please let me know. I’ll show the film and host a discussion free of charge to a school or nonprofit.  This is a very important issue.  More and more Americans are becoming homeless (or just one paycheck away) and we need to start forming communities and helping each other again before it is too late.

To paraphrase the famous poem written during the Holocaust:
When my friends lost their jobs, I didn’t speak out because I still had a job.
(And, frankly, I didn’t want my taxes to pay for their unemployment or welfare benefits.  Can’t they just get better jobs?)
When my friends lost their health insurance, I didn’t speak out because I had health insurance.
(And, frankly, I didn’t want to pay higher taxes to help my whiny, needy friends.
Isn’t it their own fault for not getting a better job?)

When my friends lost their homes, I didn’t offer them a place to stay.
(I can’t afford it. And it’s their own fault for signing the mortgage and not paying their bills on time!)

But now, I’ve lost my job, my home, my health insurance, everything!  I can’t afford to go back to school and acquire another skill.  And there aren’t any welfare, unemployment or any benefits available for me to apply for anymore.  They’ve been budget cut out of existence.  People like me didn’t want to pay for them.

I said goodbye to my needy “friends” long ago because they kept asking me for help.
And now there’s no one around to help me.

My friends have long since lost their lives.
Now I’m about to lose mine.
And there’s no one left to speak for me.


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