Today is Nerd Pride Day!

Woo hoo! If it weren’t for the Internet, I never would have heard of such a thing. Bring out the thick glasses and books!  (I wear contact lenses myself. And, yes, by “glasses” I meant eyeglasses, not glasses of wine, beer or wherever your mind was going…)

Actually, some people are calling it ‘Geek Pride.’  Semantics, you say? Nerd alert!

I’ve had people try to convince me that I’m not a nerd (as though being a nerd were a bad thing.) Frankly, I’m proud of my nerdishness (nerdiness?) Considering the fact that Americans deem anyone who’s intelligent, independent and nonconformist a “nerd,” I’d take that as a compliment. I wonder whether other countries devalue intellect as much as the U.S.

The fact that our society disparages intelligent people, that intelligent kids are often bullied in school and called the “n” word (“nerd!”) demonstrates how joyfully dumbed-down our society really is and is one of the main reasons we’re having trouble today. Why not elect intelligent people, i.e., nerds, into positions of power rather than people who just look good on TV, uttering bland, uncontroversial, nonsense, so as not to offend (or inform) anyone so that anyone will vote for him/her?

And I was much encouraged by a book’s title I came across via my Internet search on Nerd Pride:

“Nerds: How Dorks, Dweebs, Techies & Trekkies Can Save America and Why They Might Be Our Last Hope” by David Anderegg

I’m also currently reading Michael Moore’s “Here Comes Trouble.” Guess what? Yep, he’s a nerd too. (Sort of a hippie-nerd.)



So I celebrated today by watching Weird Al Yankvic videos. Now there’s a nerd to celebrate! I wonder whether he realizes that if he were just starting out today, he’d never ‘make’ it. Many years ago, Yankovic sent his own amateur recordings of his songs to a DJ called Dr. Demento who, although Yanovic was just some kid from nowhere, decided to play this unknown kid’s songs on the air (for national broadcast.) Seriously, people, no one in the U.S.A. plays music created by an unknown artist without access to high quality (and expensive!) recording equipment on commercial radio. Sure, some of the college stations might do it. I suppose there are some rare exceptions, but typically, it just doesn’t happen these days. So Al was pretty lucky.  Yes, he’s extraordinarily talented–no doubt! But he was also born in the right place and time–a freer and more democratic time. A time we may never see again here in the U.S.

Anyhow, here I go again, going off on one of my nerdy tangents.  (Thinking again, sorry!)

Check out the links below (and I apologize for any cool links I may have missed.) Yes, links pertaining to nerds are “cool.”:


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