Meria is an actress, writer, musician, filmmaker, reluctant activist, tree-hugger and all-around creative artist.

Her documentary film, “Rocky Mountain Homelessness,” is airing at the Screening Room, Amherst, NY Nov. 29th and on SCC-TV, White Bear Lake, MN.  Her book, “Diary of a Mad Bag Lady,” is currently undergoing editing and will be released by next year.

Other projects include, “Local Yokels,” documentary TV series about seemingly ordinary people doing extraordinary things and short comedy sketches.

As a guitarist, Meria has performed at venues in Los Angeles, Denver, Minneapolis and NY–perhaps in a cafe or at a wedding ceremony near you!

Meria prefers hugging trees, hiking in the woods, practicing yoga and meditation, strumming her guitar and writing poetry to social activism.  Reluctantly, she has written and made videos about such controversial subjects as “Why we humans should help each other.”  Although her belief that humans should help each other has raised much controversy, she finds raising the topic unavoidable in some situations and chooses to ventilate those diatribes on another blog which may be viewed here:  www.theMadBagLady.wordpress.com.  Viewers of that blog must sign a private agreement between themselves (and their God) that they are spiritually mature and evolved enough to handle its content.  Otherwise, they may be blocked by forces beyond their natural senses, i.e., the webmaster of this blog.


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